2 comments on “Baby Rattles

  1. David, I’m sure your granddaughter will treasure this piece as young & old….tg


  2. Hi David, This is a most interesting and intuitive website. How did you come to link me in? Have I supplied you with some pepper grinding mechanisms – CrushGrind or my recently designed tool for undercutting the very necessary internal groove? You mention this tool in your text. I deigned it about 2 -3 years ago and agreed that it would be made for me by Robert Sorby of Sheffield. Keep sending your news and please let me know if it is possible for me to obtain some Norfolk Pine. It seems similar to Chilean Pine (known in UK as Monkey Puzzle). I love the rays which lead to the outer branches. If it is similar – being pine – then the rays will be much harder than the rest of the wood and, of course, turning into the end grain is much more difficult than the more usual bowl turning techniques. I assume that the translucent effect is down to turning very thin or is it a feature of the wood? Best regards, Brian.


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