7 comments on “Translucent Pine Bowls

  1. So what island you stay? I’m on Kauai and if you’re here, I would like to come see your stile. Let me know.

  2. I would like to purchase one of your amazing pieces of art for my 65th birthday in January. Any chance of that? I live in Kaneohe.

  3. Please call me about donating or selling the Topped base trunk approxi15 ft tall
    And 3ft in diameter
    It was a beautiful tree that grew to over 60 ft
    However, it was endangering by insurance standards of being a liability
    Of crushing our home in a wind storms of last year the tree was topped down to approximately 15 ft and 3ft in diameter
    Now the root system is encroached in
    Or water lines and has to Be removed
    The water lines run only only about 8 inches below ground level and and the schere massive weight could possibly
    Crush this newly installed underground
    Piping network
    Can you suggest a way of removing this massive tree and still preserve it for some purposeful use
    I can only guess at the weight of approx
    4 tons as a whole
    I d hate to see it cut up at the was the 40 ft section that was topped last year
    And given good home and a good use to students of the arts and science
    The ground around the base is soft due to broken water pipe repairs
    It will take a careful plan not to subject the underlying property and
    Shallow water lines from being severely
    The tree is in Kaneohe on Oahu

    • Charles:

      Sorry, but your email on my blog post arrived when I was on a 10-day trip to San Diego to visit grandchildren. It would be appropriate and prudent to contract with a licensed and bonded tree trimmer to remove the rest of your tree. What usually happens is an owner who wishes to have the wood put to further use makes contact with a member of our woodturning club, Honolulu Woodturners, and a notice is put out to members that a tree will be felled on a certain date and the time and place when the wood will be available. If you wish to sell the wood, I don’t think you will have very many responses. The trimmer benefits from a lighter load and smaller tipping fee when the wood is picked up by craftsmen and re-purposed. The owner can possibly reap a smaller item as a token of appreciation from some woodturners, but not as a steadfast rule because of the time and effort spent in creating and finishing a large bowl, for instance. Requesting a wholesale price on the retail value of a finished item is often a possibility.

      Keep in mind that we get notices of Norfolk/Cook pine being available at least about once a month. The response to any new notice of wood being available depends on whether any of our 80+ members are willing to drive to your area, and whether they already have several pieces waiting to be processed, and how long it has been since the last notice of availability.

  4. Hi David, regarding finishing pine bowl. Your blog states to use the witches brew after the pine bowl has dried. How do you prevent the bowl from cracking during this drawing.. Thanks so much for a great and explicit blog and sharing your techniques.
    Gary Domnitz, 310.391.5038

  5. If a log of cook pine is cracked badly and ruined for carving/turning, , does it make good fire wood (for camp fires). I was told it makes too much black smoke. What’s your opinion?

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